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The goal of a home inspection is to give the client a much better understanding of the physical condition of the structure than would otherwise be known. To achieve this, an inspector conducts a visual inspection of the home and its systems.


 Typical homes take 1-2 hours to inspect. Inspector will give the client an overview of the inspection process and invites the client to accompany him. Cost for pre-property purchase report starts at $500.00 excl gst, for houses that are up to 150 sqm’s in size and in Wellington area, with an extra $50.00excl gst for every extra 50 sqm’s, or distance outside of travel boundary thereafter. Payment methods include, direct credit or cash. There is a discount for cash option with gst cash receipt available. If paying by cash, payment would be made immediately on completion of inspection. Cancellation must be made no later than 24hrs prior to inspection or full fee is applicable. Time has been set aside and other inspections have been deferred to make time for this inspection.

Items covered

Though the order may vary the inspector will visually inspect the following:

  • interior  
  • foundation’s / basement
  • structure
  • roof / attic
  • kitchen / laundry / bathrooms
  • plumbing system
  • electrical system
  • heating system
  • air conditioning system
  • garage

   Additional services

Additional items such as pools, spas, barns & other outer structures, docks & sea walls, lawn sprinkler systems, fences & gates and EIFS (exterior insulation & finish systems) may be offered by the inspection company but will add to the fee, please ask if this may apply to your particular home. The Company can put you in touch with additional extra environmental services if need be, for items such as:

These tests are at an additional cost, and would be passed onto suitably qualified experts.


 Upon completion of the inspection the inspector will give the client a summary of what was discovered and an opportunity to ask questions {please feel free right through inspection}. The client then receives a two page written report of the findings, as well as a one page itemised scale of 35 different items involved with the house out of a rating between 1 and 10. 10 being the highest, before 10.30pm the same day!! A summary breakdown of any negative points and associated costs to repair is also provided and tagged onto the end of the report. As the inspector is also a qualified builder of 30 years standing, written quotations are also included upon request, and are complimentary. If you have any ideas along the line of changes in the house, a ball park figure at consultation can also be provided.

                                                                                                        Important note

 The report is the client's property; no other party is entitled to see it. They haven’t signed the disclaimer so they are strictly not entitled to use it to their advantage in anyway. Why should you pay for something only to let someone else such as another interested party, profit from your expense? Although it can be quite advantageous for an estate agent to find out major flaws, which he/she MUST pass on to other prospective buyers as well as vendor, increasing your chance of tendering on a level playing field. We will never disclose articles of your report without your expressly given instructions. Our client/company confidentiality is strongly and fiercely guarded. WE WORK FOR YOU!


The inspector's job is to inform the client of the condition of the home. He will describe any problems discovered, explain how and why they occurred, and even make repair recommendations. The inspector should not recommend contractors or estimate repair costs *unless the inspector is an active contractor in the particular field*.  *Rob has 27 years experience in residential home construction, renovation and additions*


                                                                                                            Moisture Testing

We use the latest moisture testing equipment on the market. It is without a doubt the most developed instrument available today. Spec’s on this incredible machine that sends radio waves into walls to detect moisture ingress and uses both invasive and non-invasive technology are limited. If grounds were found for water issues beyond scope of inspection, customer might be directed to company using infra red technology.


                                                                                                        Council Building reports

Costs vary from council to council*

Report (1) - LIM Residential $300.00*{*if more than 13 hours of work is involved, an additional charge of $70 an hour will apply to each additional hour.

Available with-in ten working days {but they try to issue with-in 7 days}

A comprehensive report about the land and buildings compiled from electronic and archived information held by the council. I recommend this report if you have put in an offer that has been accepted subject to a builders report, but due to time constraint, a time allowance extension request would have to be made to vendor.


Report (2) - Property report $140.00

Available with-in three working days.

Information on the building only. For residential properties, with a maximum of two household units

on the lot.  I recommend this report, if you are looking at putting in a tender or house is going to auction.


Report (3) - Building information report $25.00

Available with-in two hours.

For residential properties only. Inexpensive and practical report if you need, upon my advice, to find out if any building consented work has been completed or that a building consent was actually uplifted. I usually ask you to procure this report after I have expressed grave concerns over foundation replacement chiefly .or dodgy addition and renovation work illegally carried out.