Wellington pre-purchase property reports

                      Rob van Driel, Licensed building practitoner
Wellington Pre-Purchase Report and Home Inspection specialist

Frequently asked questions

Q. How many years experience in residential housing does Rob have?
A. 30 years.
Q. Are you a licensed building practitoner?
A. Yes Rob is, his license number is LBP:100444
Q. Typically, how long does a structual inspection take?
A. Normally 15 mintues to 1 hour.
Q. Typically, how long does a pre-purchase property report inspection take?
A. Normally 25 minutes to 2 hours.
Q. When will the written report be made available for perusal?
A. Rob strives to have it completed and in your email in-box by 10.30pm same day.
Q. What equipment does Rob use to undertake inspections?
A. The latest and greatest moisture meter, fold out ladder, torch and digital level.
Q. Am I permitted to attend inspection and ask questions?
A. Yes you are, and it is very beneficial that you do.
Q. Why do you afford people the priviledge of attending an inspection?
A. Because Rob prefers you are completely in the "know", and not left with questions.
Q. If after completion of inspection, and tabling of report, I have further questions to ask, may I?
A. Absolutely, 100% no problem and yes please, ask away.
Q. Does Rob proffer on the spot estimates during inspection for new building {additions, alterations}?
A. Yes, any item, at any time during inspection, please ask, thats whats he's there to do!