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Rob did a pre-sale inspection on a house we were interested in. He made a thorough check of the house, and pointed out any issues. He also gave a ballpark figure for getting those problems fixed, so we could take that into account in our offer. We were more than happy and fully recommend Robert to you. 


Rob is simply amazing. For nearly two years now, my wife and I have relied on his expertise and years of experience as a builder to fully understand the current condition of the homes we’ve expressed interest in. He takes the time to do an extremely thorough inspection and even encourages his clients to come along so he can patiently explain to them what it is he’s seeing as he covers every aspect of the home. He is a pleasure to work with, and we always feel assured, knowing that with Rob we know exactly what we’re getting into before putting an offer on a home.


Rob was great. Went the extra mile to set the inspection up with the vendor, and gave us a great inspection and advise. The report was through on the same day, ahead of time too. Highly recommended.


Robert was great - recommended and I would (and will) use again. I chose him on the strength of his reviews on the website and those reviews are well earned. Nice guy to deal with too. Robert was able to do a property inspection at very short notice, which was urgently required due to the tender date being moved up. Communication via email was prompt and he turned up at the agreed time. We walked around the property and explained what he was doing, what he was looking for, and how to address any issues identified. He also pointed out the positive things about the property to give me a good understanding of the physical structure - inside, outside, up top and underneath. Follow up report was received by email later that night, as promised. Highly recommended.


We contracted Rob to assist with providing building inspections as we were looking for a home to buy. He was immediately available to assist with this and was extremely knowledgeable while providing useful and detailed information (verbal and written) on the strengths, weaknesses and work required on the properties all in an understandable way given our layman knowledge of building standards. Thanks to him we were able to avoid two unsound money pit properties which would have cost us.


Rob was awesome. Came to give me a building report as I am selling my house. Was totally honest - highlighted both good points and building issues or potential issues. Also made helpful suggestions about things that I could do to prep for sale and provided quotes for the jobs he identified as needing doing. No pressure from him for me to get him to do the jobs but gave me confidence regarding potential costs for either myself or potential purchasers. Would definitely use again and would highly recommend to anyone else.


Rob carried out a pre-sale inspection for us. His professional, practical and outstanding communication skills put our mind at ease to purchase our first house. Highly recommend Robs service.


Wow. I was extremely impressed with Rob's service. He was so easy to communicate with. Listened to my concerns with the property I was getting valued and put my mind at ease. He viewed the house in the afternoon and by early evening I had the full comprehensive report which also detailed a couple of things that needed to be done along with the quotes should I wish to have work completed in the future.

I would highly recommend Rob to everyone. AAA+ for me. Well done Rob.